GNSS RTK South G1 plus

● Ringan dan ukuran kecil

● platform Linux

● E-bubble

● Survei kemiringan

● Teknologi penyimpanan cerdas

● Router Radio

● platform manajemen UI Web

● iVoice cerdas

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SunNav G1 Plus, new generation integrated RTK system with smaller size and innovative design.New generation of embedded Linux operating system platform improves RTK performance and work efficiency, leads the direction of new generation RTK with excellent performance, provides high-efficiency and intelligent surveying experience to customers. It isn’t simply smaller, it does better in everywhere.


• Full Satellite support: GPS, BDS, GLONASS, SBAS, Galileo

• Intelligent Platform:

Linux OS

WebUI management platform

Cloud service: 24 hours Cloud service: online update software, online register, Remote diagnosis and operate

for the users.

• Tilt survey and Electronic bubble

• Wireless data communications:


Bluetooth 4.0

NFC: Quick Bluetooth pair

• Data Link:

Built-in functional digital radio

Built-in network module: support 4G/3G modules.

• iVoice

• Software: EGStar/SurvCE(option)/FieldGenius(option)