GPS RTK Acnovo Gx 10

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  • Base
  • Rover
  • Controller
  • Radio Eksternal
  • Tripod/Statif
  • Tribrach
  • Pole

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Surveying Performance

Signal tracking :

336 channel,  BDS: B1B2B3, GPS:  L1C/A, L1C, L2C, L2E, L5,

GLONASS: L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A, L2P, L3, SBAS: L1C/A, L5

Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B, E1, E5A, E5B


GNSS Features

Positioning output rate: 1Hz~50Hz, Initialization time: <10s, Initialization reliability: >99.99%

Positioning precision                              

Code differential GNSS positioning :

Horizontal ±0.25m + 1ppm

Vertical ±0.50m + 1ppm

SBAS positioning accuracy: typically<5m 3DRMS

Static GNSS surveying : ±(2.5mm + 0.5mm/km × d) (d: the distance between measured points, km)

Real-time kinematic surveying : ±(10mm + 1mm/km × d) (d: the distance between measured points, km)

Operation system/User interface

OS : Linux

Button : Double buttons and visual operation interface

LCD : Double buttons and visual operation interface

Web interaction : Visiting the internal management web page via WIFI or USB mode, to monitor the receiver, status and change the configuration freely.

Voice: iVoice intelligent voice technology provides status and operation voice promptly, Supporting Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Supporting user defined voice.

Secondary development : Providing secondary development package, and opening the OpenSIC observation data, format and interface definition for secondary developmen

Data cloud service

Web page cloud service management platform, supporting online register etc

Hardware performance

Dimension : 142mm (diameter) × 137mm(height)

Weight : 1.1kg (including battery)

Material: Magnesium alloy shell

Temperature: Operating: -45°C ~ +65°C, Storage: -55°C ~ +85°C

Humidity:  100% Non-condensing

Protection Level:  Waterproof: IP68 standard, protected from long time immersion to depth of 1m, Dustproof: IP68 standard, fully protected against blowing dust.

Shock and vibration: Withstand 3 meters drop onto the cement ground naturally

Electrical:  9-25v wide voltage DC design, with overvoltage protection

Battery: High capacity removable battery with the indicator displaying the power usage, Voltage 11.1v, 37.7Wh

Battery Life: More than 30h (static mode), More than 15h (RTK mode), (Providing the 7 × 24h battery solution)


I/O port: 5PIN LEMO external power port + Rs232, 7PIN LEMO external USB (OTG), 1 network/radio data link antenna port, SIM card slot

Wireless modem: Integrated internal radio receiver and transmitter 1W/2W, External radio transmitter 5W/35W (Optional),  Working frequency 410-470MHz, Communication protocol: TrimTalk450s, SOUTH

Cellular mobile network: WCDMA3.5G network communication module, GPRS/EDGE compatible, CDMA2000/EVDO 3G and TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE 4G optional CDMA2000/EVDO 3G and TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE 4G optional.

Double module Bluetooth: BLEBluetooth 4.0 standard, support for android, ios cellphone connection, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard


WIFI hot spot: Adopting the WIFI hot spot function, any smart terminals (controller, cellphone and PC) can connect to the receiver easily

WIFI data link: The receiver can transmit and receive correction via WiFi

Data storage/ transmission

Data storage: 4GB internal storage, Supporting external USB data storage, Changeable record interval, supports up to 50Hz raw data collection

Data transmission: USB data transmission, FTP download, HTTP download

Data format: Static data format: DAT, Rinex2.x and Rinex3.x etc.

Differential data format: CMR+, CMRx, RTCM 2.1, RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.0, RTCM 3.1, RTCM 3.2, output data format: NMEA 0183ã€ÂPJK plane coordinatesã€Âbinary codeã€ÂTrimble GSOF

Network model support: VRS, FKP, MAC, supporting NTRIP protocol

Inertial sensing system

Tilt survey: Built-in tilt compensator, correcting coordinates automatically according to the tilt direction and angle of the centering rod

Electronic bubble: Controller software display electronic bubble, checking leveling status of the centering rod real time

Thermometer: Built-in thermometer sensors, adopting intelligent temperature control technology, monitoring and adjusting the receiver temperature in real time .



OS: Android 5.1

CPU : 1.5GHzx4 Cortex A53 Quad Core 64 bits

Internal memory : 3GB RAM, 32 G ROM

Extended Memory: 64 G Maximum, T-Flash Card


Integration : Speaker, Microphone,Compas, G-Sensor, OTG

Camera : 13 Megapixel

Screen : 540×960 resolution, 4.5 inch touch screen


Interface : Micro-USB interface (Support charge power)

OTG Interface, ear phone interface

2G/3/G/4G : GSM (B2/3/5/), WCDMA(B1/2/5/8), TDCDMA(B34/39), TD-LTE

Bluetooth : Bluetooth V4.0 (A2DP+EDR)

WiFi : 802.11a/b/g/ (2.5G/5G Dual Frequency)


Battery : 1 pcs, removable 5000mAH Lithium Battery

Work Time : More than 10 hours / one battery


Operattion temperature : -20°C – +60°C

Storage Temperature : -40°C – +80°C

Dust/Water Proof : IP65


Dimension : 197x92x26.5 (mm)

Weight : 380 with battery


2x Receiver, 1x Controller, 4x Battery, 2x Charger,

1x Tripod, 1x Carbon Pole, 1x Bracket

DND Survey

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– Total Station

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– GPSmap

– Waterpass

– dan aksesoris lainya

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