Total Station Geo Fennel FTS 102 Second Original Garansi

Total Station Geo Fennel FTS 102 Second



+Lengkap Aksesoris Standart

Standard Aksesoris :

Total Station Geo Fennel FTS 102

2 x Aluminium Tripod

1 x Prisma Polygon

1 x Range Pole

1 x Single Prism

1 x Cable Data

1 x Software Data

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Total Station Geo Fennel FTS 102 Second Original Garansi

Total Station geoFENNEL FTS 102

The geo-FENNEL Total Station FTS 102 is smart in its design and really easy to handle. It comes with the Windows CE based application software MicroSurvey FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE optionally.

Its touchscreen display greatly improves the workflow of accessing menus and software modes quickly and reliably. The FTS 102 features a full alphanumeric keypad as well as a pop-up keyboard which both ensure fast and accurate entering of data.

In addition to the already supplied applications the FTS 102s software package also supports road planing, volume calculation and simple CAD options to make the work in the field much easier. Measurements can be easily transferred into different formats to or from existing softwares like AutoCAD and similar. Due to its usability it is easily possible to measure and check points, stake-out lines, single points as well as setting up the instrument fastly and accurately.

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